What’s the Deal with DASH? Is It Worth Your Time?

by Joseph Young 29 March 2021

Since its release back in 2014, DASH has been one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the decentralized financial system, but let’s start with the beginning. DASH is an open-source blockchain that does everything other cryptocurrencies do, meaning that it helps people send and receive money via the internet without any authority governing it. This crypto is also a fork of Litecoin which, as we know, is a fork of Bitcoin, the most famous crypto ever. In the past, DASH was also known as Darkcoin and XCoin.

What’s the deal with DASH?

DASH also has a two-tier network made of decentralized project governance and incentivized nodes. The latter also includes something called MasterNodes for which you need to have at least one thousand DASH tokens if you want to be part of it. Decentralized project governance has three main functions which are InstantSend, PrivateSend, and ChainLocks which do exactly what their names suggest. Evan Duffield and Kyle Hagan are credited as the two co-authors of the original DASH whitepaper. This crypto started trading at $0.03 on February 3rd, 2014.

Is DASH worth your time?

It’s impossible to know whether or not DASH will be a good investment this year without analyzing its performance in 2020. The crypto began 2020 with a price of $41.19 and closed the year with a price of $99.61. The price on the first day of this year was $99.60 and currently, it’s trading at a price of $227. Considering this evolution, experts have said that DASH will indeed be a good investment this year. Moreover, many people are predicting a price of $360.58 at the end of the year. All things considered, this is a bullish trend that should encourage many traders to take a look at DASH. However, it’s important to perform an analysis before diving head-first into the playground of a currency that you don’t know much about. In case you are already familiar with DASH, then things will be a lot easier to grasp.

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